The term “Eco-Friendly”, a shortening of “ecologically friendly”, also known as “environmentally friendly” or “green”, is used to describe goods and activities which are minimal or no harm on the environment.

In our dedication to supply highest quality products to our fellow customers, Wai Man never loses sight of a basic truth - there is only one earth. To us, eco-friendly concern is never just a watchword. We take the environment very seriously, and a fact endorsed by our environmental certifications, which include ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The above accreditations prove our continuous effort to be an eco-friendly company.

We take pride in our imposition of strict procedures to our production process in order to meet the regulations of the environment management system. We strive with our best effort to source materials and components which are good to the environment. As one of the leading manufacturer in the printing and binding industry, not only do we commit to excellent products and services, but to the contribution for a greener environment.

ISO 9001



SA 8000