We understand that your products are not simply a combination of paper and ink. Of course it is inevitable that various accessories need to include in your products to suit the variety and complexity of the market. Then our experienced sourcing team is there to meet your needs. We just hope that you can get all things in one place so as to simplify the manufacturing process.


Product Development

We do not satisfy in just helping you to finish the product. We have the vision that, with our valuable experience and expertise in the manufacturing of various categories of products throughout these years, we can help you to modify the product design, to enhance the product outlook, or to ensure the product safety as well. We hope that your merchandise is good looking, economic, suitable for mass production, and is capable to meet the various safety requirement of the market.

With the same vision on excellent product design, while pursuing the expertise in different fields, Wai Man join hands with C Plus C and established Signature Workshop Ltd. in 2014. We have the goal that, with the collaborative effort of both, we not only help you create products with quality, but to establish your SIGNATURE as well.